Saturday, December 06, 2008

At the Movies

"Going Ape!" * (1981) Tony Danza, Chelsea Martin. A rich man's son has to babysit his father's three pet orangutans for five years in order to inherit $5 million.

"Monkeys, Go Home!" ** (1967) Tao Lin. The owner of a Chinese restaurant shocks his wife and neighbors by having trained monkeys wait on customers.

"Bones In My Ice Cream" (1985) Cloris Leachman, Blake Butler. A woman's husband goes into the restroom of a highway rest stop but does not come out.

"Free Ride" * (1986) Kevin Sampsell, Michael J. Fox. A preppie and his buddy stash mob money in the bottom of a nude statue at a girls' finishing school. 'R'