Monday, March 27, 2006

A Numskull Story

Once two boys jumped onto a bus, but the second boy fell clumsily under the rear wheel.

A nitwit was standing in the subway watching a train come in. Thinking that he would have a little fun, the nitwit said, "I'll jump in front of this train!"

The conductor was explaining to one of the mothers of the two boys how he works too hard for little money. The conductor felt the brake with his hand and said the name of the station over the radio.

The nitwit jumped in front of the train.

A subway worker with a hangover kept falling down near the third rail.

The mother kept looking around all the time at the other mother, who in her turn kept looking around all the time at the first mother.

Then the nitwit was hosed off the track and the train started moving again.

The subway worker with the hangover kept on falling down for a long time, but in the end, feeling he might never get rid of his hangover, simply put his hand on the third rail. At that moment a man was thinking about his upcoming vacation.

A numskull came by; again somebody jumped in front of the train, and the train stopped. The man with his hand on the third rail burned his sleeves. Then, about seven or eight cars behind the conductor came one loaded with long heavy railroad ties.