Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Who-o-o Knows?

Dear Wise Old Owl,

Why do flamingos sometimes stand on one leg?

Kim Schlepp
Pewaukee, WI

Flamingos spend most of their time standing, Kim. If they stood on both legs all day, both legs would get very tired. So the flamingo rests one leg at a time by tucking it up.

It’s the same reason why you see many waiters, bus drivers, and firefighters standing on one leg.

Dear Wise Old Owl,

How long can a kitten stay underwater?

John Jarka
Woodridge, IL

A kitten can stay underwater for three to eight minutes, John. It may swim a quarter of a mile underwater before coming up for air!

Dear Wise Old Owl,

Why do the swallows return on March 20th every year to the mission at San Juan Capistrano in California?

Edna Bonnette
Mendenhall, MS

I think it’s March 19th, Edna.